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Daily Janakantha welcomes readers and visitors to its respective website, its content, services and the "Terms of Use" of the application. Individuals can access content in a variety of ways using www, digital, social platforms, using multiple devices including computers, mobile phones and others devices. Any content, image or information that is read or used the reader / viewer agrees to our "Terms and conditions" including the privacy policy of Daily Janakantha. If anyone has any objections or reservations about the "Terms and conditions" or any section of the Privacy Policy, he or she may raise the issue with Daily Janakantha by sending an email to [email protected] Daily Janakantha reserves the right to reject or accept any such objection or reservation. All of our users must comply with these "Terms and conditions" Failure to comply with the Terms may result in suspension of the account or restriction of access to the Website.

Intellectual property rights

Daily Janakantha licenses daily Janakantha’s logo, content, images, text, trademarks, patents, graphics, domain names, audio, video copyright, and other related intellectual property rights or other features and names of Daily Janakantha’s brand. Users cannot claim any rights to it, whether for commercial or non-commercial use.

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Readers / visitors must use our services in a legitimate way and for read only purposes. The audio and visual elements of a website or application are only heard and viewed and nothing more. We encourage readers to share our content on their social media profiles, groups and related communities. Readers / visitors are prohibited from hacking websites or trying to get close to our content security setup. Daily Janakantha discourage Readers / viewers / users from using comments, sayings, writings or posts that are provocative or offensive in language, images or religious sentiments.

Taking the content down

We may remove content from our website or application at any time at our own discretion. Daily Janakantha reserves this right.

Unauthorized and prohibited activity

It is also forbidden to comment on the proceedings of any court that may be contempt of court. Users are prohibited from using, saying, writing or posting anything on our site that is anti-state, anti-liberation, racist, sexist or offensive.


Daily Janakantha will not accept any liability arising out of any content of any advertisement displayed on our website. Advertisements included on our website and third party companies, which may collect information about users for which Daily Janakantha will not bear any liability arising out of the collection of data and / or sharing it with anyone else, display mobile apps.

User-created content

dailyJanakantha.com users can submit posts and upload content (including photos, videos, comments, etc.). When posting content, users make sure that they have the consent of its owner or the content owner created by the content users. Content created by users is obscene, harassing, deceptive, threatening, defamatory, invading the privacy of others, offensive, deceptive, not defamatory or illegal. Users have to make sure; otherwise, Daily Janakantha does not support it.


We strive to provide the best service to our users. It does not guarantee that all information provided in its services, including multimedia content such as images and videos will always be accurate. The content we provide does not constitute informational purposes only and constitutes advice. Its service does not provide any warranty or guarantee.

Terms of use change

Daily Janakantha reserves the right to amend, change, modify or delete any terms.